Sandwiches in Summer and Soup in Winter!

I have sandwiches in summer and soup in winter!

Yesterday’s Meals On Wheels delivery (My Property Group is involved in doing a few runs a month) saw us delivering soup instead of the usual sandwiches to a very charming war veteran around East Brisbane.

I guess the property seller’s mindset can be a little like that…

I often hear things like “I have a pool. I want to sell in summer.” Or “Let’s wait until Spring. That’s a better time to sell”

Yesterday saw me showing a client through a property and they complained bitterly that stock is light on at this time of year and they were struggling to find a property.

Welcome to Brisbane, Winter 2015.

Yes, stock has tightened up.

As we all know, Real Estate is driven by supply and demand.

THE TIME IS NOW! If you want to sell, don’t delay. We would love to assist you, work out a strategy and give you a free copy of a book when we appraise your home worth $29 which will help you achieve the “love to have” price.

NEWSFLASH! My Property Group are Marketing Agents for GRANDVIEW ON PARK. This is 12 km out of the city. Please see the link to our youtube video:

My Property Group enjoyed a fantastic month last month and what really warmed our hearts were the happy smiles and the lovely people we met. This is one of our new friends, Meika, and we look forward to attending yet another house warming party!

Yours in the REAL things

Gaby McEwan, Rodney McEwan & Lachlan Ashley