The question I get asked at least 10 times a week is “what’s the market like?”

The question I get asked at least 10 times a week is “what’s the market like?”

That is – the real estate market. Not the farmer’s market which is a pretty poor excuse to buy expensive vegetables marginally fresher than Woolworth’s for inflated prices but -and not the Stock Market – particularly not the Chinese one which is controlled beautifully by the state as demonstrated last week.

Today I open Facebook and I get hit with two remarkably opposing stories. One is that Brisbane will grow this year and one is that Brisbane prices will drop.

Sydney prices are allegedly set to surge yet again this year (incredibly – is there no sense ?) yet other economists are predicting that Sydney and many parts of Australia are at the top of the bubble.

And to confuse you still further…we thought for fun we would include this property clock (Click here to check out this property clock) which tells you where each market it. This clock came from yet another economist so possibly it is flawed. This is where we insert our disclaimer and state that this article is merely a reflection and pondering of a real estate agent and not that of an analyst or spruiker.

So the question is…who do we believe? It is all endlessly exhausting so I go to the ultimate source of all truth and wisdom and I take comfort in the words that were penned by the wisest man that ever lived. (King Solomon)

I shall not add to these words. (Ecclesiastes 11verse 4)

“He who observes the wind will not plant; he who watches the clouds will not reap”